Happy Tuesday Everyone
{missing my sister & her awesome photography skills}

So here's the news for today:
It's election day, finally!
This year was my first time to vote in a presidential election since last time I turned 18 the day after the election. Ya that didn't seem fair so this time around I made sure to do my part and research who the best candidates will be for our country. I'm anxious for the results but mostly excited that I got to place a vote!
Today is my last day being 21..
ya that's right I'm getting older and my birthday is tomorrow! I can't wait:) & I just found out I share my birthday with Billy Graham how crazy is that!

In other exciting news there are:
16 days till Thanksgiving: yay Turkey time, family time and I get to see my lil sis. Yay I haven't seen her since August:(
17 days till I can start listening to Christmas Music:)
31 days till Christmas break (Christmas may or may not be my favorite time of year:)
49 days till Christmas: Happy Birthday Jesus!
51 days till Urbana: aka the best 5 day missions conference ever! way way excited to go to St. Louis!
&& 221 days till I graduate: oh boy that seems too far away.

Haha well I guess you can say I like countdowns and holidays:)

However, I want to stay in presence with God today. Following Jesus is an every day journey full of adventure and excitement! I see him at work every day and I'm looking forward to each day that he brings:)


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