Trendy Tuesdays

{Spring Whites}

Lately I haven't been able to stop pinning these lovely white ensembles as I dream to dress as classy as these ladies do. There is something so clean and feminine about these white peices that draws me to them. This trend as well as many other new spring trends make me want to shop, shop, shop. However,  this spring I am trying to shop my own closet first before I hit the stores and blow money I shouldn't neccessarily be spending on more stuff. My closet is always overflowing and since it's been months since we have seen sunshine around here it really is like I have a new wardrobe of clothes I haven't worn since September! 

Turns out I have five white tops (including lovely lacey ones), a white cardigan, a white dress, and white pants! Looks like I have nothing to complain about!  I can't wait to bring these white pant outfits back. So what spring items are you dying to bring back out of your wardrobe? I'm going to pull my shorts out today with the rest of Oregon since it's 70 degrees, we're ridiculous. 
Happy Closet Shopping! 


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