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I have been loving these casual looks these days and good thing I like them because that is about all I've had to wear. It's so easy to throw on a hoodie and jeans when I work on campus but putting together some basics makes this casual look so much better! 
It is day 14 of the 21 day challenge and boy is it challenging! I am getting a little tired of wearing the same tops but the good news is the sun has finally hit Oregon and I get to wear some items I have hardly worn because of the rain. So far I am realizing a couple things, one that my wardrobe looks way more exciting than it has in the past few months and two that I am totally attached to my clothes.
No I do not need as many clothes as I have, but it doesn't mean I don't want anything. 
As much as I love fashion as a hobby, I also use fashion to define my image and who I am. Most days I wake up thinking "shoot I have to repeat an outfit again, what will people think of me?". I think way to much about what people think of me and I am learning again to place my identity only in my Lord. The Lord has been blessing me too, even on days I hate what I am wearing I receive compliments! No way was I expecting that! 

I can't wait to post the end result of all the outfits I have put together at the end of this project! 
What is your favorite look this week? Keep up your 21 day project!


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